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I have not been on tumblr in forever. but i have no one and no where else to vent. last night my boyfriend and i were suppose to hang out at 8 when i got out of work and but he said he told me he wasnt coming till later cause he didnt want to sit bored in a car for a couple hours till we could go into my house. so i got mad and ignored him and instead of asking if we werent hanging out he just mad plans and ended up going to a party and getting drunk. he knew i was crying all night long and he still didnt come before that. he said i was over reacting, but him ditching me to go to a party and getting drunk with a bunch of girls and his friend is me over reacting? i have been crying since about 9 last night and have yet to sleep. i love my boyfriend to death but sometimes i believe i do deserve better. ive told him HUNDREDS of times i hate when he drinks and when he likes girls pictures and yet he still does it. then when I get mad he tills me I over react. 

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